Money Gram Money Transfer

Money Gram Money Transfer

It is a service very similar to Western Union Business Solutions. It provides the option of transferring your money to your relatives to another part of the world. It also has other services such as money orders and bill payments to people who either do not have a bank account or do not want to receive money on that particular bank account.

Just like Western Union, MoneyGram’s services are available all over the world, but predominantly in the United States of America, where it is used by various supermarkets and small businesses. We here at RPFX have experts capable of giving solutions regarding money transfer through MoneyGram as we are one of those small businesses who are also their agents.

Money Gram MoneyTransfer

What we can do for you

We here at RPFX have experts capable of giving solutions regarding money transfer through MoneyGram and also at the same time, we can help our clients in planning towards making these payments using the MoneyGram platform, just like we do with Western Union Business Solutions.We sit together with our customers, discuss in detail about their payments due abroad, inform them about the current exchange rates, and after a cumulative evaluation of these and other bureaucratic factors, we come to a conclusion if and when the payment should be made.

To understand the matter in further detail, you may get in touch with us over e-mail or phone so that we can discuss it personally and find the best solution just for you.We can transfer the amount to your bank using NEFT, according to your preference.

Process Works:-

  • If you are sending money from one of their branches or agent locations, you have to fill out a form, either in their presence or online. After filling out the form, you transfer the money from your bank account to MoneyGram, using a debit card, credit card or direct transfer.
  • Once the money is transferred to the MoneyGram branch of the nearest destination of the receiver, the user will then be notified of the amount being transferred.
  • There is a number that would have been given to the receiver beforehand, through telephone or e-mail. The receiver would have to go to the local MoneyGram office, tell them that number, and along with other background verifications, the receiver may then collect the money


  • Through Money Gram Money Transfer, you can receive cash as long as the amount is less than or equal to Rs 50,000. For an amount above Rs 50,000, you can only receive through a NEFT or Cheque.
  • Also, the maximum amount a person can receive on one transaction is $2500 or it’s equivalent. For more an amount more than that,they would have to send it through a new transaction.
  • Within one calendar year, any one can receive money from foreign country upto 30 times only.