Western union money transfer

Western union money transfer

Western Union has forever been the trusted source when it comes to transferring money for individuals, irrespective of their location. Currently present in almost 200 countries, they are the biggest money transferring facility in the world.

They are the most experienced when it comes to transferring money. They are over 150 years old and have more than 500,000 in over 200 countries and territories. They are the most trusted source of money transfer all over the world. So whether it is receiving payment for a work you had done abroad, or receiving money from your grown-up children who are working abroad, or whatever the scenario may be, we here at RPFX can guide you throughout, step-by-step.

Westron Union Money Transfer

What we can do for you

The process is very simple. An individual or a company transfers the money from one of the branches of Western Union, and the receiver can collect it from any of the Western Union branches according to his convenience. There are additional services as well along with sending the money e.g sending a message along with the money or being notified upon the successful transfer of the money.

We can transfer the amount to your bank using NEFT, according to your preference.Within one calendar year, any one can receive money from foreign country upto 30 times only.

Features & Advantage:-

  • It is the fastest form of sending money. Money can be collected within a few minutes of being send.
  • Since it has grown and spread its branches all over the world, we can use their services to transfer money at various places in the world.
  • It is extremely reliable, proven by their years of service.


  • Through Western Union Money Transfer, you can receive cash as long as the amount is less than or equal to Rs 50,000. For an amount above Rs 50,000, you can only receive through a NEFT or Cheque.
  • Also, the maximum amount a person can receive on one transaction is $2500 or it’s equivalent. For more an amount more than that,they would have to send it through a new transaction.
  • Within one calendar year, any one can receive money from foreign country upto 30 times only.