American Express traveller’s cheques

American Express Traveller’s Cheques

We here at RPFX provide you with the most convenient rates for traveller’s cheques, perfectly suited to the interests and capabilities for our customers. Even if the cheque is placed, a simple phone call can be used to ensure that no one else can make the transaction using that cheque.

Traveller’s cheques are available in U.S dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Pound, Euro. They are available in various denominations to suit your need.It is very easy to use and a great way to protect your money when on the travel and it can be refunded as well it is not being used to the fullest limit.

Traveler Cheque

What we can do for you

Just like a cheque within the boundaries of a country, a traveller’s cheque means a cheque that can be encashed or used in payment abroad after it has been endorsed or signed by the holder. Even if not as a primary source of payment, it can be used to carry back-up money as well just in case it is needed.

One must always carry his or her photo requirements, all original purchase receipts all the time along with the traveller’s cheques. Also, under certain conditions you may have to pay commission charges but normally that’s relatively small as compared to your amount being carried on the travel cheques.To use the traveller’s cheque, sign on the top left corner and when you are ready to encash the cheque, make sure to countersign each cheque in front of cashier or seller.

It can also be used in a way similar to cash for common expenditures such as in shops, restaurants and other places.There are several banks and foreign exchange locations all over the world that can exchange your traveller’s cheques for local currency.

In case of confusion, let us state that there are primarily two ways to use the cheque:-

  • Exchange it for local currency.
  • Directly use it for making payments at shops, restaurants and other places,
    wherever they accept the cheques. They aren’t accepted everywhere.